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Friday, December 3, 2010

The constant and irritating flicker of the 34b streetlight located in front of 2 Griffith Close, Finglas East, D11, between the hours of 12 am and 5 am

Presently I work shift work. Now, a lot of my day, as you can imagine is spent in bed. I, like anyone else likes my sleep. Now, cos I work shift, my sleeping hours aren’t on par with the regular day of a regular everyday worker. The point I am making, is regarding the flicker, or ‘strobe effect’ of the afore mentioned street lamp. There’s a gable at the cuff of my driveway that goops out a bit. My issue isn’t with that gable, but it’s certainly a chore to reverse a car past that gable while there’s the equivalent of a rave going on above me. Because I work shifts, I feel I’m alone on this as, like I said, my sleeping hours wouldn’t congrew with that of the everyday man. All of the lights in Griffith Close bar one work perfectly, although there are some that seem a little dim and could warrant a replacement bulb, this however is another days battle. Why is it that the one light that doesn’t work is located directly outside my driveway.  This wouldn’t not be a big encumbrance if I wasn’t a shirt worker, but like I said, I am and it is. 
I pledge to tackle this issue!

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