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Friday, December 3, 2010

The unaccommodating and restrictive hours of parking that don’t facilitate the shift worker (which I am)

As mentioned before, I work shift. Depending on the Rota, I would  be working 1 full week of nights resulting in sleeping of my body between the house of 8 and 5. AM to PM mightened I add. As I’m sure your good selves are aware of, these are the very hours of parking fees in the Griffith Close area. It is of my our viewpoint, that these hours are restrictive and discriminatory on the part of the shift-worker. Why is it that my neighbour, Joe O’Mahony, doesn’t have to pay for parking and I do. Does that sound fair to you? The reason he doesn’t have to pay is because he is an accountant and he works between the aforementioned hours so his car isn’t there mine is. That’s the reason. So I put it to you this, because of my shift patterns, I believe it is incumberant of the council to issue a permit, which will allow all shirt works park their vans where ever they want whenever they are at home. I pledge to tackle this issue!

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