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Monday, October 10, 2011

Mountview Community Centre Meeting

I attended a public meeting in Blanchardstown to discuss the building of the Mountview Community Centre. Minister varadkar was in attendance. Ruth Coppinger and various councillors chaired the meeting.

Public anger was palpable, and in fairness, it wasn't misplaced. Millions has been squandered over the years and the good people of Mountview have been campaigning for their duly deserved and long awaited community centre for close to 10 years. Generations of children have come and gone in this time. After speaking with the residents, I will be making the facilitation of social amenities paramount in my election manifesto. We the people require and are entitled to recreational spaces. It's as simple as that. It's out tax money, let us spend it how we want. Give us our centre Minister Varadkar.


I was given the opportunity to many a few key points

Minister Varadkar listening to some of my views.

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