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Friday, September 23, 2011

At The Ploughing

Despite the rain and some ferocious showers, the upbeat mood at The 2011 Ploughing Championships in Athy yesterday was not dampened one bit. It was my first time down at the Ploughing and it's a pretty amazing event. I meet loads of boggers with big wide smiley heads and wirey hair.

The whiff of dung and diesel would make you proud to be Irish. Plus it was great to see a brisk agri-business trade with many stalls attracting snaking queues. I believe that inter generational farming will be Ireland's strongest long term prospect on the road to recovery out of the recession caused by the collapse of Lehman Brothers in 2008 resulting in a world wide calamitous banking crisis bringing with it never ending market unrest and dire economic instability resulting in the self perpetuation and self fulfilling nebulous doom cycle of fear, worry, stress, panic, fear. Still, the tractors on the day were very pretty.

All that aside, I got an absolutely stunning reception throughout the day. It's amazing how well known I am with the culchies. I was even allowed to shear a sheep. I'd love to have been able to do that to my ex wife.

Up rural things!

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